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I’ve always had a love for colorful accents in my life.  My infatuation began with SWATCH watches. The colorful bands were fun and lively and an accessory that could stand on its own.

As a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience, I saw the opportunity to start a line of pillows that offer the same excitement that the watches did for me. SeeColor is the union between graphic design and product design. I want to help others use color to create a mood, express an emotion and uplift their living space.


Color has always been a source of inspiration, changing from season to season, altering moods and emotions.  SeeColor pillows were designed to let the color speak for itself. Bold color combinations that attract the eye and can instantly improve a living space. 

Comfort is extremely important to the brand. The cotton twills are all hand selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The Garment District of Manhattan is acknowledged for its expertise and SeeColor clients can feel assured that they are resting upon only the best.

From the Garment District to Brooklyn, the fabric is hand delivered to my talented seamster. His attention to craftsmanship is highly regarded. Round after round of design changes were made to perfect the prototype. Simple yet refined when it comes to the details, SeeColor has a hiddin zipper on bottom that allows for cases to be easily washed and dried. With comfort should come durability. Lastly, pillows are shipped with inserts so that they are delivered, ready to elevate any living space.